What You NEED to Know
BEFORE Hiring a Web Pro

"This course is for every client that has come to me after investing $1,000's in a website that isn't getting the phone to ring."
Twenty years of experience and hundreds of clients - Ben Kamp delivers what you need to know. Do the right things, find the right team, don't get taken advantage of.


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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Web Pro

Lesson #1:2 The Problem With Web Designers & Developers

Lesson #1:3 What You Need to Know About Advertising

Hi, my name is Ben Kamp

I’ve worked as a web designer, developer, digital marketer, and more as I consulted for multiple web and advertising agencies. I want you to understand - the web pro you’re about to talk to, I’ve been them, and worked with them.

I’ve seen things go amazingly well when it’s a right fit, but far too often I’ve seen business owners not getting what they need, but get what the web pro is offering. Far too often I’ve seen a daring investment by you, the business owner, but nothing that gets the phone to ring.

What I want to offer you now is a solution to just that.

I already offer web advisory services. An advisor, in your corner, who is not trying to sell you any of his own development services. The problem is that as an advisor I can only work with so many companies and not every business I want to help is able to make that type of an investment.

So now I’m so excited to introduce you to my new web advisory course – “What you Need to Know Before You Hire a Web Pro”.

Until now the only way to get access to my web advisory services (on-deman CTO) started around $5,000.

I know that doesn't work for every business. You see, I'm committed to you seeing a positive return on your investment. So even for a small business that is about to hire a web designer - on average I will save you around $1,500 your first year and $500 each year after that.

Even if I priced this course at $250 you would get an insane return on your investment, but I want to do even better than that…

Right now you can grab the course at $79. I only ask that once you complete the course you would answer a few questions just so I can make the course even better for you and others.

And to seal the deal – I’m giving you the first lesson 100% free. I want you to see exactly what you are about to get and be excited for it. So check it out! This course really will save you time, headaches, and help you keep focused on the things that matter.

All the best,



What you do and more importantly DON'T need.

How to find the right web professional.

Save money, save time, focus on what matters.

"This course is for every client that has come to me after investing $1,000's or tens of thousands in a website that isn't getting the phone to ring."

- Ben Kamp

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